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Brightgreen D900 Gen3 Classic LED Downlight

Product ID: BG-D900-GEN3-CL
Brand: Brightgreen
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Product Description

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D900 Classic Gen3 LED downlight

Launching to market as the world’s first LED to match the brightness of a 50W halogen, the third-generation D900 Classic offers even more advanced control, efficiency and light quality than the award-winning original.

More control, higher impact

Featuring a powerful 920 lumens of Tru-Colour  brightness, the D900 Classic improves the appearance of surfaces, textiles and skin tones. Its directional beam gives you more control over your lighting design than is possible with diffused alternatives – lending itself to more considered, higher impact lighting schemes.

Deepest dimming

The advanced digital electronics in our Gen3 driver eliminate the need for troubleshooting compatibility problems with dimmers and automation systems, ensuring flicker-free, deep dimming and advanced protection against power surges.

Take the heat off

Going beyond the efficiency benefits generally associated with LED lighting, the D900 Classic features an improved, IC-rated heatsink engineered for more efficient heat dissipation. In addition to prolonging the lifetime of the luminaire, the compact heatsink reduces the size of air pockets in insulation, increasing overall home thermal efficiency.

You will be amazed by the quality of the light and workmanship of these lights!


Wattage: 15.7W

Tru-Colour: Yes

Warranty: 7 years

Lumens: 920-955lm

Dimming: Yes

Lifetime: 70,000hrs

Efficacy: 59-61lm/W

Gimbal Angle: ±15º

IP Rating: IP44

Manufacturer Details

Brightgreen is an Australian owned LED lighting manufacturer developing innovative, ultra long life, energy efficient and high quality LED lights, suitable for residential and commercial spaces. Brightgreen is known for its multi-award winning D900 LED downlight, which is the world’s first LED downlight to match a 50W halogen on brightness.  

In addition, Brightgreen have a quality and sustainability philosophy at the core of their business that drives their three main objectives:

  1. Create the very best LED lights that are the brightest and highest quality 
  2. Create high quality products that last a very long time with an aim to reduce unnecessary consumption and combat planned and perceived obsolescence
  3. Create sustainable light sources that are environmentally friendly, so all components are fully disposable and recyclable 


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