Brightgreen D200.RSX Curve LED Downlight


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D200.RSX Curve features: 

·      A deeply recessed lens for low-glare, ambient interiors

·      White or Black Fascia with a choice of White or Black Inner

·      Color Temp: 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 5000k

·      Delivered Lumens: 2.7K: 200lms, 3K:205lms, 4K: 210lms, 5K: 225lms

·      Power Usage: 2W

·      Driver Power: :>0.09W

·      Available with 12,  17, 23 and 30×17 degree beam angles

·      IP rating: IP20

·     Dimmable: No

·      Tru-Colour technology – making interiors look more vibrant and lifelike with advanced colour rendering

.      CRI: 97

·      A 7-year luminaire warranty

·     Gimbal Angle: 90deg/359deg


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Brightgreen is an Australian owned LED lighting manufacturer whose purpose and vision is to create lights that make your interiors look amazing !!! This is achieved through TruColor technology, and a high Color Rendering Index, 98 CRI. TruColor contain about a billion colors, which is more than any other white LED on the market. this allows you to see colors for the colors they truly are......TruColor. Brightgreen are constantly developing innovative, ultra long life, energy efficient and high quality LED lights. Brightgreen is known for its multi-award winning D900 LED downlight, which is the world’s first LED downlight to match a 50W halogen on brightness. Brightgreen have a quality and carbon neutral sustainability philosophy (that earned them B- Corp Certification) at the core of their business to create the very best LED lights that are, without a doubt, the brightest, highest quality and longest lasting.


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