Brightgreen D700+ NIGHT SHIFT LED Curve Downlight


Brightgreen _D700+ Nightshift Datasheet

The Brightgreen D700+ LED downlight is a stylish, efficient and affordable LED lighting alternative to 50 watt halogen downlights that give you all the brightness of a premium 50 watt halogen with only 10.5 watts, just one-fifth of the power.

Beam angle: 55 deg

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For the first time, Brightgreen’s  leading D700+ Night Shift Tru Colour lighting technology now shifts its colour temperature from 3100k to 1800k, using any standard phase dimmer or home automation system. Simply dimming the lights creates a completely linear shift, within any space.

Shift The Temperature

During Daylight
A cooler (3K) temperature option makes tasks easily visible, and allows for naturally greater levels of alertness, mental sharpness, and energy.

During The Evening
A warmer (1.8K) temperature option regulates the body’s natural circadian rhythm, naturally creating a more calm, comfortable and restful state of being – similar to the relaxation felt from a glass of wine.

Your light is your mood

There are noticeable differences in the ways that lighting transforms someone’s state of being. Night Shift is designed to take advantages of these natural responses by illuminating a space with the perfect lighting temperature when it’s needed most.

Low-glare design

With a patented low-glare lens and a deep-recessed design that shields the light source from the viewer’s direct line of sight, the D700+ projects a smooth, directional beam to reduce unwanted light spill and glare that is common with diffused LED downlights.

Unmatched efficiency

Featuring an airtight universal gimballing system, the D700+ provides users with complete control over the beam’s direction without allowing conditioned air to escape through the ceiling. The luminaire is also IC-rated and can be abutted with insulation.

The D700+ is a complete LED downlight kit which includes a LED Bulb, Driver (i.e. transformer), Fascia (white, silver or Black) and a power cord.


Source Lumens: 980-1000lm

Tru-Colour: Yes

Warranty: 7-year

Delivered Lumens: 730-745lm

Dimming: Yes

Lifetime: 70,000hrs

Efficacy: 65-66lm/W

Gimbal Angle: 22º Universal

IP Rated: IP44


You will be amazed by the quality of the light and workmanship of these lights!


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Brightgreen is an Australian owned LED lighting manufacturer whose purpose and vision is to create lights that make your interiors look amazing !!! This is achieved through TruColor technology, and a high Color Rendering Index, 98 CRI. TruColor contain about a billion colors, which is more than any other white LED on the market. this allows you to see colors for the colors they truly are......TruColor. Brightgreen are constantly developing innovative, ultra long life, energy efficient and high quality LED lights. Brightgreen is known for its multi-award winning D900 LED downlight, which is the world’s first LED downlight to match a 50W halogen on brightness. Brightgreen have a quality and carbon neutral sustainability philosophy (that earned them B- Corp Certification) at the core of their business to create the very best LED lights that are, without a doubt, the brightest, highest quality and longest lasting.


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