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Why LED Lights

Why choose LED Lights?

Fast Payback

Payback is fast when you purchase our LED Lights. A full return on your investment can be expected in less than 2 to 3 years, depending on which lights you buy.

Energy Savings

Use 80% less power than halogen lights. For example we sell Brightgreen's D900 which is 16 watts including the driver, 13.6 watts without, which makes their 900 lumen D900 the most eco-efficient LED on the market. More light for less power ranks their D900 first on the industry efficacy chart.

The Brightest

All of our 16watt LED downlights surpass the total light output of a premium 50W halogen globe with over 900 lumens and exceed their nearest 16W LED competitors by 200 lumens.

Long Lasting

Everyone hates changing light bulbs, so the lights we sell last for thirty years. No more ladders,
no more re-purchases, no more hassles.

Low Heat Emission

At an average operating temperature of 60°C our LED lights are among the coolest in the market.
This means a zero risk of fire and 100% peace of mind.

Easy Install

All of our LED lights come as an easy to install integrated fitting, including luminaire and constant current
driver.  It fits into the same 90mm hole cut out as your existing halogen downlight and has a plug pack
attached to the driver. Simply remove your old downlight and plug in your new energy efficient D900.

100% Dimmable

The LED lights we sell dim lower than any other.  Our LED light manufacturers have worked together with the best dimmer suppliers
such as Clipsal, to ensure that their drivers offer the smoothest and least flickering dimming possible.

Non toxic/UV free

Our LED lights are free from all harmful materials, including mercury and lead, which are both found in CFLs
and other LED's. This makes our lights safe to use as well as safe to recycle. With Brightgreen LED's
there's no UV so there's no longer any need to wear sun block indoors and your furnishings stay fade free.

Designed for Australia

LEDs are so sensitive to heat that a change of only 20° can alter a light's life  from 3 to 30 years.
Our quality LED lights have been designed to last for 30 years and to deal with both Australian summers and unique
electrical conditions.

High CRI

CRI (colour rendering index) measures a light's quality by how well it makes colours appear. Most LEDs
have a CRI of 80 but the Brightgreen D900, for example, has a score of 95, making colours, furnishings and of course
yourself look their best.

5 to 7 Year Warranty

Any problems, with any part of our LED product range at any time and we will replace it no
questions asked.

Flicker Free

CFLs and most LEDs operate by flashing  at rapid rates continuously creating the illusion that they are
on all the time. The result is eyestrain, headaches and bad moods. Our LEDs are solid-state
which means they're always on.

Return On Investment

Quality LED lights will give you a much higher Return on Investment.  For example, installing 20 x Brightgreen DR700
LED downlight replacement bulbs in your home or office and used at least 4 hours per day will:

  1. Save $377.16 per year in power
  2. Payback your investment within 2.33 years 
  3. Total return of investment in 10 years will be over $4000

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