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Where do you go when you need quality lighting products in South Australia? You can spend half a day checking out local lighting suppliers in SA or stay at home and shop online with convenience and affordable pricing. At Emotive Earth, we offer a vast range of LED lighting products and much more to help bring your renovation or new home build to life.

Rest assured, though; we’re not a budget retailer. Our experts have hand-picked Australian brands because we believe in only delivering quality. So, whether it’s a single-room renovation or an extensive commercial development, check out our impressive range today, and discover why many building professionals choose us.

Only the best Australian brands

Here at Emotive Earth, we love choosing Australian brands, and our lighting industry experts hand-pick the brands we work with based on quality, performance and reliability.

Some of our popular Australian lighting brands include:

Our knowledgeable lighting experts have chosen these brands because they represent the best quality and value in the Australian market. Plus, we love supporting Australian companies that are doing great things.

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Something for every budget

Budgeting for a renovation or new home build can be challenging, and there are bound to be blowouts and extra expenses you’ve forgotten about. But Emotive Earth makes it easy for you to stick to a lighting budget and still get the excellent quality products you deserve.

We keep our prices affordable but don’t sell cheap budget lighting. In our experience, cheap products don’t last, rarely look good and don’t offer the energy efficiency that modern homes need. So, we’ve made it our mission to bring you the highest quality lighting products at the lowest prices.

Save time, shop online

With over 500 styles of LED lighting, plus other lighting products, it’s little wonder people love the online convenience of shopping with us. The other option is to visit multiple lighting stores in SA, looking for the best deal. It’s time-consuming, you’re hassled by salespeople all day, and you can’t even get a good idea of what certain lights would look like in your home.

As an online retailer, our overheads are low, but our stock levels are high. Simply browse our easy-to-navigate website and find what you’re looking for. Without leaving home, you can take all the time in the world. Our qualified lighting experts are on hand to answer your enquiries and help you make the right choice.

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Expert lighting plans available

While it may seem easier to plot out a few spaces where you need lighting and then let the installers handle it, proper lighting design can add so much ambience to your home. When you work with experienced lighting design planners, you can achieve the perfect mix of ambient, accent and task lighting.

Plus, you can do more with less when lights are expertly positioned. Not only does this save you money upfront when purchasing lights, but you also run fewer lights daily, giving you long-term energy savings.

Fast, free delivery

We want your entire experience with us to be positive and rewarding. That’s why most orders over $399 come with free delivery. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to save money by shopping online and use those savings for delivery fees.

We’re also committed to filling all orders within 3-7 business days, so if you need lighting products fast, we’re the team to see. In reality, most local lighting stores don’t have enough stock to cover large projects, so you could still be waiting even if you buy locally. Take the hassle away and shop with Emotive Earth instead.

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Let us help transform your home today

From basic renovations to new homes and commercial developments, we can quickly fill any lighting order with free delivery. Our range is enormous, so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for. Best of all, you won’t even need to leave home.

As your trusted lighting supplier in SA, we’ve got the experienced staff, the best products and the affordable prices to make your project a success. Why wait? Contact our friendly team today to find out more.